About us

Naturally, to trust the service you want to know more about the people behind the project – who we are, what we do and why. We will tell you even more.

Who We Are

We are the team of creative, enthusiastic, hard-working people who want to change the educational standards and shift accent from useless academic assignments to more important tasks. Instead of spending hours writing same papers, essay, courseworks and other routine college assignments, you can concentrate on developing your talents, you can travel more, you can enjoy your college life to the fullest and never worry about deadlines. Sounds like a dream? We can turn your dreams into reality

Essay Writing Is the Center

Quality writing is central for us. Our goal is to provide you with the decent college paper – plagiarism free, error free and stress free. We take each order seriously and make sure each customer is satisfied.

Our central values are:

  • Results. We are result oriented and always make sure that results of our work exceed your expectations
  • Trust and respect. Our customer service is based on trust and mutual respect. We are not here to deceive and let you down. We are here to provide excellent service you deserve
  • Challenge. We are always ready for challenging tasks and will do all it takes to meka 100% of the task you deliver
  • High quality standards. We set high standards for everything we do – from taking your order to writing the paper and polishing it to perfection

Our Daily Essay Writing Routine

We like what we do so we do it with pleasure. Every morning we come to work knowing that students out there are waiting for our help. So we start checking the orders and responding your requests.


The guys from support team are always here for you 24/7. These are the people you can come to with any questions – and they will patiently answer them one by one. We want you to have enough information about the service before you make the order so aks us anything you like. Support also provides the connection betwenn you and writers – in case you want to pass any message and can’t contact the writer directly – support is here to help. So, support may assist you with filling out the form and update you about writing progress.

Writing Gurus

Writing gurus start their day by getting the tasks and studying all the requirements carefully to meet them all. After that they start working on your order. They research the topic and search for reliable sources to be used in papers. We hire only the best – this is our rule. And we will match your order with the writer most suitable for this task. We can write works about anything – from engineering and biology to chemistry and marketing – because we have a specialist in each of this field. Our writers are required to be well-educated, fluent in language and aware about the academic standards. They have all you are looking for in paper writing specialist.

Quality Assurance

Though we trust our writers, we always proofread the papers. Here is the part for our quality assurance team. People here are very attentive to details and they don’t miss any error. They make sure your paper adheres to high academic standards and is written to the point.

As you can see, our routine is concentrated on task performance which allows us to guarantee quality and always in time delivery.

It is a pleasure to order from us! Try once and you’ll love it forever!

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